Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In permits, new look for two H Street NE buildings

 Busy day of reporting ahead. Straight to the permits this Tuesday morning.
  • 1107 H St. NE: American Rescue Workers was issued an alteration and repair permit for its H Street NE thrift store. The work includes removing the security grating and canopy structure, brick re-pointing, cleaning the masonry, installing painted aluminum panels and a new canopy, putting up new signs with LED strip lighting and painting the facade.
  • 1362 H St. NE: The owner was issued permit to renovate the facade of this store, including replacement of the first-floor windows and doors, repairs to the second-floor windows and doors, installation of a canopy with recessed can light, and exterior paint. The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs is considering whether to list the building as blighted, which would raise its tax bill to $10 per $100 of assessed value, six times the standard commercial rate.
  • 520 North Capitol St. NW: The Dubliner Restaurant will install two temporary 20-by-20 tents on the patio between March 13 and March 19 for a weeklong St. Patrick's Day celebration.
  • 555 13th St. NW: The permit covers renovations to all restrooms on the third through 13th floors of the Columbia Square office building.


  1. 1362 H St. NE is going to look nice

  2. 520 North Capitol really needs some work

  3. The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs can suck my d. Who approves these bogus changes?

  4. I'm not sure why everyone is so riled up...these are some pretty minor changes.